About 'the Station' in Kirpatrick Fleming

The Romans first built the road outside the entrance to link the Roman forts at Stanwix (Carlisle) and Birrens (Eaglesfield), this being part of their main route from England into Scotland. They built a marching camp just to the rear of the Station in the first century AD and we believe there’s been an Inn of some type here ever since.

Local boy Thomas Telford (From Langholm) was tasked with improving the local roads in 1840 and about this time, the Kirkpatrick Inn (as the Station was then known) was rebuilt with the same frontage visible today, it was predominantly at this time a Coaching or staging House.

The Caledonian railway came though the village in 1840 and Kirkpatrick Fleming Railway Station was built about 250 yards in front of the Inn, since that time the building came to be known as 'The Station Inn'.

Summer 2019 witnessed the complete renovation and remodelling of the building, into the one you see today and to highlight the renovations we thought that we would change the name slightly to “the Station” just as the locals have always known it.

The Station bar in Kirkpatrick Fleming Dumfries and Galloway

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